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Welcome to Universe Corp, thank you for your interest.  Universe Corp is the proud supplier of quality and durable solutions related to the clothing, laundry and dry cleaning industries.  Please take your time to browse our products, if you need any additional information about our products you are welcome to contact us or call us directly.

Dry Cleaning Equipment Gauteng

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Established in 1985, Universe Corp is the undisputed go to for all laundry equipment

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Dry cleaning machines, industrial washer extractors, tumble dryers, roller irons & laundry presses.

Finishing tables, vacuum & blowing tables, form finishers for coats & jackets, trouser topper, dress & shirt multiform, industrial ironing boards.

Dry cleaning, wet cleaning & laundry chemicals, spotting agents, leather and suede oil & dyes, conditioning & softening agents.

Steam solenoid valve, air solenoid valve, steam pressure switches, pressure gauges & water level control.

Spares for dry cleaning & laundry machines, finishing equipment, boilers, presses, irons, elements, water pumps, steam & vacuum valves.

Laundry trolleys, laundry & trolley bags, rails, sleeve formers, suit covers, textile brushes, lint removers, deodorizers, Teflon shoes, steam hose, Teflon & silicone hose, dry cleaning consumables & laundry accessories.

Hot/Cold Filtered Water Bar, wall-mounted instant boiling water, scale & chalk remover, filter.

Complete range of steam irons, including Iron Master, All Steam, Jolly, Open, Tulipano, Electronic, Seam Opening, Left-handed irons & Gravity-fed irons (bottle irons).

Thermal & Plytex labels for permanent marking,  patch material & badges, barcode labels, label printers, heat seal machines, label software. Dry cleaning tags, No-Waste marking tags, cash register labels & fibre rolls.

Industrial steam boilers & steam generators from 3kW to 200kW.

Vacuum unit for steam presses.

Top & bottom covers & pads for steam & laundry presses, brass & copper wire gauze, polyester & Nomex felt, polyester & silicone foam, silicone rubber, nylon & nylon stretch cover, roller ironer felt, belts, guide tape & wax.

Industrial steam boilers & steam generators from 3kW to 200kW.


  • All popular makes of steam presses and irons.
  • Steam boilers:

Imported elements (4,5 & 6kw), pressure switch, float regulator, safety valve, pressure gauge, etc.

  • Dry cleaning machines:

Lint bags, filter discs, filter tubes, etc.

Solenoid Valves, Mechanical seals, Perc pumps and valves

  • Laundry ironers:

Needle felt, Molton cloth, calendar sheeting, steel wool, Nomex cloth, belts, wax and wax blankets (Polisher).


  • Dry cleaning machines
  • Dry Cleaning Detergents
  • Steam and electric presses
  • Finishing equipment
  • Vacuum units
  • Steam boilers and steam generators
  • Steam electric irons
  • Solenoid Valves, Water and Steam
  • Ironing boards and vacuum tables
  • Garment Marking - Temporary and permanent
  • Top quality press pads and press covering material

Dry Cleaning Equipment for Sale Gauteng

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