About Unicorp

Menashe Mizrachi, who is the sole proprietor of Universe Corp. was born in 1957 and raised in Israel. Once completing his 3 years army training in the Israeli Air force he worked as an aircraft technician for one of Israel’s top charter airlines.
His desire as a young man to travel and explore new avenues brought him to South Africa. 

He gained experience by working in a variety of jobs as a technician which eventually secured him a position as Branch Manager of a Company supplying machinery and spares to the Dry Cleaning, Laundry and Clothing Industries. Here he gained much experience in sales as well as being able to use his technical expertise.
Unfortunately due to the economic climate at the time this business was forced to close its branch in Johannesburg. Mizrachi decided to go it alone and to open his own business continuing to supply the industry resulting in the establishment of Universe Corp in 1985. 

With a lot of hard work, passion and optimism Universe Corp. has grown into a successful business with a branch in Durban managed by Mrs. Sushiela Govender since 1989.  

Mizrachi attends regular trade shows held in Germany, Italy, England and the USA and has secured and maintained sound business contacts overseas, which allows him to offer his customers competitive prices.
Universe supplies all areas in South Africa as well as many African Countries who sought out Mr. Mizrachi’s knowledge of the industry and his ability to always give honest, reliable advice.  Universe specialises in steam pressing equipment and boasts large stocks of steam presses, steam irons, boilers and ironing tables amongst other equipment.  

The company also stocks most of the spare parts needed for the abovementioned equipment and has expanded its range by stocking a variety of spares for many of the dry cleaning machines. It has also become known for its top quality press pads and ironing board covers which can be made up in special sizes.

The company is willing to import any part which they may not have in stock in order to satisfy their customers, and they also offer  an after-sales service for any breakdowns that may arise.

Universe Corp. may have grown in size, but the personal attention that Mr Mizrachi and his dedicated staff give their customers has not changed. They stress that their policy is, and always will be, to try to please their customers in the best possible way.

Herewith only a few of the agencies which are represented by Universe Corp:MORO - vacuum units; CEME - solenoid valves; BOWE - dry cleaning machines; VEIT - finishing equipment & boilers; REVERBERI - finishing equipment & boilers; THERMOPATCH - marking machines & software; PANTEX-CISSEL - finishing equipment.
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