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Dry cleaning machines, industrial washer extractors, tumble dryers, roller irons & laundry presses.

Finishing tables, vacuum & blowing tables, form finishers for coats & jackets, trouser topper, dress & shirt multiform, industrial ironing boards.

Dry cleaning, wet cleaning & laundry chemicals, spotting agents, leather and suede oil & dyes, conditioning & softening agents.

Steam solenoid valve, air solenoid valve, steam pressure switches, pressure gauges & water level control.

Spares for dry cleaning & laundry machines, finishing equipment, boilers, presses, irons, elements, water pumps, steam & vacuum valves.

Laundry trolleys, laundry & trolley bags, rails, sleeve formers, suit covers, textile brushes, lint removers, deodorizers, Teflon shoes, steam hose, Teflon & silicone hose, dry cleaning consumables & laundry accessories.

Hot/Cold Filtered Water Bar, wall-mounted instant boiling water, scale & chalk remover, filter.

Complete range of steam irons, including Iron Master, All Steam, Jolly, Open, Tulipano, Electronic, Seam Opening, Left-handed irons & Gravity-fed irons (bottle irons).

Thermal & Plytex labels for permanent marking,  patch material & badges, barcode labels, label printers, heat seal machines, label software. Dry cleaning tags, No-Waste marking tags, cash register labels & fibre rolls.

Industrial steam boilers & steam generators from 3kW to 200kW.

Vacuum unit for steam presses.

Top & bottom covers & pads for steam & laundry presses, brass & copper wire gauze, polyester & Nomex felt, polyester & silicone foam, silicone rubber, nylon & nylon stretch cover, roller ironer felt, belts, guide tape & wax.

Industrial steam boilers & steam generators from 3kW to 200kW.


  • All popular makes of steam presses and irons.
  • Steam boilers:

Imported elements (4,5 & 6kw), pressure switch, float regulator, safety valve, pressure gauge, etc.

  • Dry cleaning machines:

Lint bags, filter discs, filter tubes, etc.

Solenoid Valves, Mechanical seals, Perc pumps and valves

  • Laundry ironers:

Needle felt, Molton cloth, calendar sheeting, steel wool, Nomex cloth, belts, wax and wax blankets (Polisher).


  • Dry cleaning machines
  • Dry Cleaning Detergents
  • Steam and electric presses
  • Finishing equipment
  • Vacuum units
  • Steam boilers and steam generators
  • Steam electric irons
  • Solenoid Valves, Water and Steam
  • Ironing boards and vacuum tables
  • Garment Marking - Temporary and permanent
  • Top quality press pads and press covering material
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